The MiA Project

MIA_JoshuaTree_3.16.14_Shot08_237(Photo by Shelby Goldstein)

I’m also the founder of The MiA Project, an epicenter for a new wave of American design and production and the rise of thoughtful consumption. The MiA Project celebrates designers focused on producing in the U.S. as well as leaders in commerce shifts, by sharing their stories, the origins of their creations, and connecting their work to a larger audience. This is done by content, community events and workshops and E-commerce as well as a unique Badge program.

The MiA Project has been featured in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, Refinery 29, Design Sponge, FOAM Magazine, Nylon, Daily Candy and more. All press can be found here.

“America is experiencing a renaissance in design and production. Many designers and manufacturers are overcoming business challenges and pressures to outsource. They, along with consumers, value what has steadily diminished since the Golden Era: high-quality, longlasting products, slower consumption, and American job creation within the design and manufacturing sectors. We believe their stories and designs deserve a dedicated digital and physical platform. It’s been a true labor of love to create one.”

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