Communications Activist
Personal + Professional Coach | Career Counselor
Group Alignment | Team Building Facilitator

What set me on the course of coaching somewhat originated from my work as a creative and marketing consultant but certainly trails back further than that. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be of service. As an adjunct to various companies – a bit of an outsider privy to a lot of inside knowledge – I became a natural confidant to internal employees. They regularly vented their frustrations, their stagnations, their feelings of not being heard, not being spoken to, and being undervalued. Almost every confidential conversation came down to a few major tenets: a lack of communication between manager and co-worker, little “people” investment by companies, and few fierce conversations. Since this wasn’t technically my job, I wondered – “who is this?”, “who performs this role of listener, motivator, seer, navigator for people?” I quickly educated myself on the still somewhat nascent world of coaching.

The truth is, our work is the majority of our life, and we want it to be meaningful and enjoyable. Yet, not all of my clients focus on work. Life purpose, identifying harmful patterns, life/work balance, coping mechanisms, and personal goals are major themes in the work we can do together, too. Clients set the agenda.

I believe people undeniably need feedback loops. We also have most of the answers we’ll ever need within us – regarding how to thrive, not just survive. But part of the human condition is to possess blind spots and subjective narratives that can hold us back from positive change.

Through coaching, I now work with entrepreneurs, creatives, females, and within the realm of mental illness and substance abuse, but these are not limited client profiles for me. I seek to work with whomever I believe I can help to manage all the stimuli, demands and desires of life.

My Focuses In Coaching Are:

  • Individual life and executive coaching
  • Group alignment | Team building facilitation
  • Communications audits: living or conducting business honestly
  • Bold conversation tools
  • One-of-a-kind workshops, seminars and programs