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The MiA Project Is Live!

I know I don’t post much on here, but this little baby of an idea I had a year ago has turned into this: I’m so thrilled to see more ideas that I’ve generated for this come to fruition and to be a part of consumer change and sharing design and art with a capital “D” and “A”!

The MiA Project is a digital an… Continue reading »

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More on this soon!

SXSWEcoSeeSessionContinue reading »

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Catch up Krochet Kids Int’l for Selectism

Is now live!:


Selectism Q&A | Catching Up with Krochet Kids
By posted on March 5, 2013 1:17 pm

If you know anything about Krochet Kids Intl. then you already know the oft-used lead – that the three masculine founders now in their 20s, all happen to be, well, male. … Continue reading »

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Inspiration in Reverse – my ’90s

I’ve existed in a bit of bubble this past year. While I was gazing back at the ’90s, a comfort blanket to me of the softest faux fur, I barely realized fashion, culture and even prominent blogs were as well. At first, I couldn’t get enough of the music I listened to. Music is almost always the treat that lures me into the well-furnished den of other things. … Continue reading »

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Watch out, Martha. No, really.

Dear friend, colleague, fellow vintage lover – oh man, the list goes on – Jaime Lawson penned an entry for Huffington Post Weddings recently. I’m no wedding expert, but she makes some of the most coveted and certainly coolest items around – handmade garters for her own line Bleu Garters. Parisian themed, nautical, lacy – you name it &#8… Continue reading »

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So do we have Leonardo da Vinci to thank for the existence of those shiny, sometimes gaudy, always fun little metallic rounds we know as sequins? Not exactly. Over at the Smithsonian’s fashion blog, “Threaded“, authored and founded by friend Emily Spivack, we learn precious metals, coins and “discs” have been adorning even the dead s… Continue reading »

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I love this holidays, and I love the increasing importance placed on well-curated holiday bazaars and craft fairs. I’ve felt very fortunate to be invited to many this season and sadly could only make a few. One that I was in attendance for was the Bureau of Trade/Storefront LA collaboration in downtown LA’s Arts District. I wrote about it for Selectism. As I … Continue reading »

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Amanda Kim Joins C29

It’s such a thrill to end an unexpectedly frenetic year on such a high note. C29 welcomes Amanda Kim – New York resident, world traveler – to the team. Barely out of college (Brown), Amanda has already interned at Teen Vogue, Publicis in Paris, created a t-shirt line and is proficient in 4 languages. We’re sufficiently humbled! Most of all, we&… Continue reading »

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What’s in a Name

In case you’ve ever wondered, when coming up with the name for C29 a few trusted friends joined us in the creation process. We clipped images that evoked warmth, well-treaded locations, worn and adored items, and the unique blend of rustic and modern. We wrote words on notebooks that seemed rich and yet belonged to no one industry. They belonged to America, now and … Continue reading »

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Ducks Go Quack, Humor Causes Smile Lines

It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and it’s likely most of us are relaxing, running errands in hopes that the day after the “blackest” of them all is a calm clear blue, OR, more likely, most of us have glazed-over eyes while catching up on what transpired in work, Facebook and YouTube while we relaxed and stuffed our faces.

I set aside some vi… Continue reading »

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