Sakara Feature on Micha, Of The Wolves + C29 Coaching

ofthewolves_sakaralife_slifemag_1Magically one of a kind and powerfully part of the pack, Lulu Brud Zsebe + Micha Thomas,are the mystical beings behind the cosmically connective medium, Of the Wolves. With a focus on spirituality, the wild woman archetype, sustainable living, and sanctuaries, Of the Wolves has been around since 2014, but recently underwent a community-driven re-alignment, with the intention of sharing stories (from the Midwest to the Milky Way) to pass information, preserve tradition, and connect us all. Lulu + Micha were born to tell other’s stories  read here to get a vision into their own.

EXCERPT: Can you talk a little bit about your added Of the Wolves services and the kind of coaching that you do?

MICHA — I’ve been trained in both life coaching and executive coaching — kind of hippy dippy NLP training and then I went through a Columbia program. So I’ve had one very scholastic, very researched-based experience, and the other is a lot more about neurolinguistics. Hypnotherapy I’m just finishing up, and it was basically just an adjunct to the NLP program that I did. I thought ‘Why not? Why not learn that?’ Because sometimes you just can’t surface things through complex conversations. It’s an extra tool to work with people and help them surface things. Whether it’s stuff that’s holding them back, or something that they really want to get into. It’s a dangerous thing though, right? Working on the subconscious, that is. Getting in there on a deeper level is something one should honor.

Starting this week, via our website, we’re offering simpler ways to work with myself via coaching modalities, consultations with Lulu and our team regarding sanctuary and interior and exterior design, and eventually readings with some of our Tarot and esoteric experts in our Wolf Pack. We get notes from around the world often in regards to how people can work with the Pack in more ways and truly be a part of Of The Wolves, so we’re consistently adding and brainstorming how Of The Wolves extends further online, in person and how we add more value for our community.

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